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Yes, I saw the movie today. So why write about it. I am offended, by believers. They claim there is a homosexual moment in the movie. Is there, yes, probably. If you look you will find. Here again is the problem of blogs. Am I to sound off just to get something off my chest or is there a moment we can teach and learn from Disney. So why am I offended? Here is what was in the movie magic that Disney makes. Sorcery, mythology, transsexuality, Beastiality, divination, witchcraft, selfishness, greed, gluttony, even narcissistic behavior and many other vices, this is on the negative side. Disney, however, is a company that is of the world, as most are.They may have even found their new Annette Funicello (that marks my age).

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On this past Sunday I mentioned a list of books I have referred to in our series, "Defending the Faith". Many asked for this list so I decided to post on this blog page.

References used for Defending the Faith series

1. The HarperCollins Concise Guide to World Religions

2. The Kingdom of the Cults, Martin

3. The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration

4. Measuring the Music, Makujina

5. What Love is This?, Hunt

6. The Reformation Study Bible

7. The Closing of the American Mind, Bloom 

 8. Evolution Exposed, Earth Science

9. Evolution Exposed, Biology

10. Selling of Jesus, Webster

11. At the Crossroads, Peacock

12. The Nonnegotiable Gospel, Hunt

13. The Bravehearted Gospel, Ludy

14. Reckless Faith, MacArthur 

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How did yesterday go? Did you go to Church? I did. One of the boys on my baseball team (I coach a High School competitive team) asked me a question yesterday afternoon before our tournament game. Why did you have to go  to church? Excellent question. I didn't have to ( I know I am the pastor "I have to" so some think), I wanted to. Why? First, we go to church as obedience. In Hebrews the writer encourages his recipients to not forsake the assembling of themselves together, as some do. I believe being part of a church necessitates our gathering together. Why? Two things come to mind. First, to sharpen each other. That is what iron does to iron. Secondly, to bear one another's burden. So How's Monday going? Did you get sharper yesterday or did you just do a nod to God? Do you have a burden or share a burden? If not please don't just attend church next time, make Monday's count. 

By the way I did answer the young man (follow up coming).

Just Thinking

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Hebrews 12:2 begins with fixing our eyes on Jesus. This is a far cry from what we often hear today. What most tend to be fixated on is themselves. Whether through songs or prayer or writing, how often do we tend to start off with "I" or "me", my needs, my wants, I,I,I. Yet how often do we read the scriptures and grasp the writers are all without exception saying Him, Him , Him. The writer to the Hebrews is not commanding us to fix our eyes on Jesus or we would be doing it only to be obedient. Nor is he stating all are already fixing their eyes on Jesus. He does however realize the difficulty in doing such especially in times of crisis or persecution. He is merely stating this is the best alternative, the biblical way of dealing with life. Fix your eyes on Jesus, simple yet profound statement. He is the Originator of our faith and the Perfecter of our faith. He endured the hostility of sinful men and willing went to the cross and bore the sins of mankind. Past, present and future all dealt with at the cross. Our peace in life comes by knowing our savior and what He endured on our behalf. Do you have an "I,eye" problem??

Just Thinking





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Here we go again. The hussle and bustle of the holiday season. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and for me there is always Bill Due January. But seriously, consider what is truly lost in all our celebrations, all of gift exchanging and parties. Is this not the focus to be on the Birth of the Savior. The King has come. God in human flesh. How easily we become enamored with ourselves. It is a big industry. The markets know it, magnizines know it and even some who market Jesus know it. We as people can always find temporary fixes in stuff. We can and do want to experince, even experiencing Jesus. But just thinking shouldn't we as Bible centered, Biblically oriented believers be fixatated on Jesus. Hebrews 12:2 even begs the idea of having our eyes fixed on Jesus. Not just one day but daily, moment by moment. Anything that takes our eyes away from Him is an act of unbelief. Here we are as believers are addressed by God continuely to Trust Him. Not some experience but the very truths He has given to us called the Holy Bible. This season get an "I" exam. Refocus, not on the reason for the season, but the person of Christ who died for your sins giving you forgiveness and rose again to not only to give you His life but that He might live life through you.

Just thinking 

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