Pastor Eric Bush arrived at Southwood Bible Church in March 2011 from sunny Homestead, Florida. During his life, he has had the opportunity to study under a number of wonderful men of God. God especially used Chester McCalley to encourage Eric to leap into the study of the languages of the Word of God. Pastor Eric graduated with a doctorate in theology from Andersonville Baptist Seminary in February of 2001. He also attended Miami-Dade Community College, earning credits in engineering and law. During those years, he also attended Liberty Home Bible Institute and received a certificate in general Bible courses. Before relocating to Tulsa, Pastor Eric served as pastor of Truth Bible Fellowship Church in Homestead, Florida, for ten years and worked for the United States Postal Service for thirty-three years as a city letter carrier. He has been happily married to his wife, Elizabeth Bush for thirty one years. Together they have three beautiful girls and and three son-in-laws and three grandsons. Pastor Eric's vision for Southwood Bible Church is to continue to teach through the Bible verse by verse. His technique is a little unusual. To grasp the understanding of a particular biblical passage, Pastor Eric not only integrates the culture, geography, and language of the context, but also adds a hint of his Jewish humor since he grew up in a Jewish household, learning the Hebrew Scriptures at a young age. With his unique background, Pastor Eric makes the Bible come alive, yet remain as it is--the very truth from God.

His email is ebush1117 at gmail.com


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