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Hey, it has been a while but I'm back! Sunday, November 5, 2017, a little past eleven, a gunman opened fire on a small church in a quiet town just outside of San Antonio, Texas. This is an inexplicable, horrifying and deplorable event. Many are searching for answers as to why this young man committed such a heinous act. Why would someone shoot up a church full of people wanting to worship the Lord and spend time as a family? Why? What provoked this guy to plan this event? What kind of hatred and lack of compassion for human life would drive this nut job to open fire on innocent lives? Ultimately many ask, Why did God sit by idly as this man did this to His sheep?

In chapter 3 of Genesis God had finished creation, man and woman were in Paradise and were told not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Satan enters the picture in the guise of a beautiful Serpent and had a conversation with the woman. This led to doubt of God and His Word. Both Adam and Eve ate of this forbidden tree and sin entered this perfect and innocent environment. One chapter later their sons Cain and Abel brought offerings to the Lord in the worship of the Almighty Creator. God accepted Abel's blood sacrifice (the picture of substitution) and not Cain's offering (which would come much later and be known as first fruit offering for the Levitical priests). Cain was offered a chance to get it right and God stated to Cain that,  'sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it'. Cain was angry and his countenance had fallen God basically said you need to get a grip son and get right with ME first. So to get to my point SIN is the issue. Churches fail to teach about.Families tend to ignore it. Society changes the words for it. It's no longer a SIN issue, it's depression, it's mental illness, it's gun violence (guns are inanimate and do not commit crimes). Then society overreacts, let's lock all our doors. Let's ban all guns. Let's just throw our hands up. I believe Satan is alive and his plan is to divert attention from the real problem, SIN. Man is a sinner and sinners sin. How can we prevent this kind of thing from happening again? Let's be honest we cannot. But to remain honest, if people dealt with the SIN ISSUE there would be fewer problems in society, for SIN IS CROUCHING AT THE DOOR.



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