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On this past Sunday I mentioned a list of books I have referred to in our series, "Defending the Faith". Many asked for this list so I decided to post on this blog page.

References used for Defending the Faith series

1. The HarperCollins Concise Guide to World Religions

2. The Kingdom of the Cults, Martin

3. The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration

4. Measuring the Music, Makujina

5. What Love is This?, Hunt

6. The Reformation Study Bible

7. The Closing of the American Mind, Bloom 

 8. Evolution Exposed, Earth Science

9. Evolution Exposed, Biology

10. Selling of Jesus, Webster

11. At the Crossroads, Peacock

12. The Nonnegotiable Gospel, Hunt

13. The Bravehearted Gospel, Ludy

14. Reckless Faith, MacArthur 

15. Temporal Delusion, McMahon

16. The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, Challies

17. An American Band, Peek

18. The Agony of Deceit, Horton

19. The Seduction of Christianity, Hunt & McMahon

20. Beyond Seduction, Hunt

21. Handbook of Today's Religion, McDowell

22. Strange Fire, MacArthur

23. Out of Formation, Gilley

24. Fool's Gold, MacArthur

25. Redefining Christianity, Dewaay 

26. How to Murder a Minister, Pastor X

27. Amazing Grace, Lindsey

28. Getting the Gospel Right, Olson

29. Showtime for the Sheep, McMahon

30. Neighboring Faiths, Corduan

31. Is That You Lord?, Gilley

32. Chosen But Free, Geisler

33. There is a Difference, Showers

Pray this adds to your growth. Remember to read with discernment and it always should remain aligned with the Word of God.

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