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Hebrews 12:2 begins with fixing our eyes on Jesus. This is a far cry from what we often hear today. What most tend to be fixated on is themselves. Whether through songs or prayer or writing, how often do we tend to start off with "I" or "me", my needs, my wants, I,I,I. Yet how often do we read the scriptures and grasp the writers are all without exception saying Him, Him , Him. The writer to the Hebrews is not commanding us to fix our eyes on Jesus or we would be doing it only to be obedient. Nor is he stating all are already fixing their eyes on Jesus. He does however realize the difficulty in doing such especially in times of crisis or persecution. He is merely stating this is the best alternative, the biblical way of dealing with life. Fix your eyes on Jesus, simple yet profound statement. He is the Originator of our faith and the Perfecter of our faith. He endured the hostility of sinful men and willing went to the cross and bore the sins of mankind. Past, present and future all dealt with at the cross. Our peace in life comes by knowing our savior and what He endured on our behalf. Do you have an "I,eye" problem??

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