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Some time after I was saved I was approached by a sincere man and he asked me ' Are you a Calvinist?'. I was shocked I had not even heard of this and wasn't sure if I had missed something when I got saved. What is this? I was brought up as a Jew and I had enough concerns answering those who thought I was no longer a Jew. Now I had to know if I was a Calvinist. 

When I, as many of you, had first heard the gospel, the good news,it was only about what the Lord Jesus did for me that I could not do for myself. I was a sinner, lost, and far from God. I was dead in my trespass and sins. Jesus at the cross took upon himself my sins and thereby reconciled us to God. For me personally , too. 

This sacrifice

that was made on the cross for me totally satisfied the penalty for sin. When came to Christ by faith alone I made an exchange my sins for Christ's righteousness.

Was this Calvinism??

No. We as christians should never lock ourselves into a theological system. Was Paul a Calvinist? How about John, was he a Calvinist? Peter? I don't think Moses was either.

My focus should always be in the very Word of God. What does it say in His word. Be Biblical. Draw out of God's word a Biblical understanding. To think God's thoughts after God. That's true Bible Study. To be in one school or another is not allowing the Word to speak but man. Be very careful. Examine those that teach.


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