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Well today is Good Friday. I do not know if one says, "Happy Good Friday?" Was that Good Friday, Happy. I believe not. If it was a Friday at all. Colossians 2:16,17 states the following,

Therefore let no one act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day--  17 things which are a mere shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ.

Its not about the day but about the Savior. These festivals were to point us to Messiah. Never were the meant to be raised above Him.

We dress afresh for Easter. Many buying new clothes and even dressing to the hilt. What about the other 364. Some will even attempt to go to church. Make their nod to God. But is that what it is all about. I think not.

This brings me to what often begins the Easter weekend recognition. Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday. First off I have to state what I do believe which is by Thursday of the Passion Christ was either on the cross or in the tomb. There are many choices as to when Christ was crucified. Was it Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? If as I lean to Thursday then therefore there is no Maundy Thursday or Good Friday.

So as to Maundy Thursday.

Maundy Thursday is the name given to the day on which Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples, known as the Last Supper. Two important events are the focus of Maundy Thursday.

First, Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and thereby instituted the Lord’s Supper, also called Communion (Luke 22:19-20). Some Christian churches observe a special Communion service on Maundy Thursday in memory of Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples. Second, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as an act of humility and service, thereby setting an example that we should love and serve one another in humility (John 13:3-17). Some Christian churches observe a foot-washing ceremony on Maundy Thursday to commemorate Jesus’ washing the feet of the disciples.

The word Maundy is derived from the Latin word for “command.” The “Maundy” in “Maundy Thursday” refers to the command Jesus gave to the disciples at the Last Supper, that they should love and serve one another. Should we observe Maundy Thursday? The Bible neither commands nor forbids it. It is a good thing to remember the Last Supper and Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. It is a good thing to remember the Lord’s example of humility. However, at the same time, we should avoid ritualistic observances of holidays unless they are truly focused on God and our relationship with Him.

In Closing, observing the Lord daily and Loving one another is truly the Biblical thing to do. How well are we doing at honoring the Lord not on a day but daily?? Just Thinking



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