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Do I have a witness? This phrase is often used in a charismatic arena but I believe it still is very Biblical. The apostle John used it many times. It is the greek word, marture,w,  martureo, by which we get our English word martyr. Many people who publically testified to their Savior found that it often cost them their lives. Yet today we oddly enough remain silent and do not testify. Not due to threat of death nor of even being a social outcast but I believe indifference, a lack of passion. Many talk a good game but look at church growth today.

Is it via evangelism? Are sheep begetting sheep? Or is it the new entertainment factor with little commitment.  My challenge on how to testify is develop a conversational testimony. We live in a dynamic age of wonderful technologies. Tape yourself telling your story of how you found the Savior, about your faith and new life in Him. Post it to youtube and Facebook (Oh my, imagine future employers seeing this instead of that last party night). Do I have a witness?


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